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Thanks to its interdisciplinary approach, Airsentinels provides assistance throughout all phases of your project.

How can I effectively assess the air quality at my site or on my territory? Which solution should I choose, depending on my objectives and budget? How can I transform this data into information I can use to make the right decisions? How can I assess the performance of the actions I take? How can I integrate these measures into my Information System and into an overall climate/energy strategy?

Against a backdrop of increasing pressure on the air quality issue, AirSentinels will support you at every stage of your project so that you can concentrate fully on your core mission.


identify your objectives and project constraints, while proposing appropriate solutions to optimise resources and achieve the desired results.

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.On field

project ownership assistance, project management, operational monitoring and specific data acquisition assignments in France and abroad.

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to be a driving force behind the development of new technologies, drawing on a network of partners and R&D on an international scale.

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AirSentinels works with local authorities, companies, associations and international projects.

Smart city

Citizen science






AirSentinels will support and advise you at every stage of your project, from the ideation phase through to delivery, including the drafting of specifications and responses to calls for tenders on air quality and territorial monitoring in general.
Measurement technologies have undergone a number of evolutions, increasing their potential while reducing installation and maintenance costs, but also generating a higher level of complexity: measurement quality, communication, data format, data processing, etc.
AirSentinels helps you make the right decisions, secure your investments, save time and ensure the success of your project.


Definition of requirements, technical sizing, assistance in drawing up specifications, assistance in analysing tenders.


Project management

Project management assistance, helping to steer the project, interfacing between stakeholders to ensure that deadlines and budgets are met.


Help in making the most of results, internal and external communication strategy, help in integrating measurements into existing information systems (dashboards, APIs, etc.)


Passing on technical knowledge to teams, customers and partners to ensure the long-term operation and enhancement of infrastructures.

.On field

AirSentinels also works in the field on specific missions, deploying dedicated equipment and protocols.


  • Micro Sensors
  • Mobile sensors
  • IOT
  • High frequency measurement
  • Individual and cohorts exposure 
  • Measurement in railway enclosures
  • Citizen science
  • Mapping

Continuous measurement of traveller exposure to fine particles



North America



IOT, artificial intelligence, digital twins, micro-sensors…
air quality measurement and land monitoring in general are undergoing profound changes driven by technological innovation.

With a 360° view of these emerging technologies, AirSentinels is helping to create new solutions to meet your needs.

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AirSentinels has received funding from the European Community’s H2020 Programme under Grant Agreement No. 689954.

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